About LL Knittings

Many of us know that birth of a child changes the world around you for 180 degrees. I am not an exception, together with unfamiliar fears, new responsibilities I have discovered new talents that had been hiding somewhere deep inside of me. Business environment where I had previously worked, my willingness to be creative flashed from time to time. It allowed me to believe that not everything is lost in the world of figures, invoices and bank leasing. In this material world there still is a room for something inspiring and wholesome, for myself, my family and my dreams.
LL Knitings is a cherished dream - from the first idea of the first cardigan that came together with first lessons and orders. And all of this was born together with my little daughter, who is my greatest inspiration. Expressing my love for the beautiful and tasteful, stitch by stitch, I am putting together my creations to share them with the world and You, my friends. Enjoy life and every opportunity that comes around,
with love
Liga Lielpetere
Creator/Designer/Brand manager/ Heart & Soul behind LL Knittings