Knitwear care

1. Pay attention to storage
Never hang a wool or cashmere jumper on a hanger. This will result in the fabric stretching over time, consequently misshaping. Always fold instead.

2. Wash smart
Wash your sweater regularly. Machine washing is fine, just ensure that it’s at 30 degrees maximum on the hand wash or wool washing setting – and always wash coloured items separately. If you feel nervous about this you can always hand wash, just be sure not to wring when finished.

3. Wash cashmere even smarter
When washing cashmere use a specialist cashmere wash (available at N.Peal), or baby shampoo (really). This helps to keep the fabric soft and avoid soap and water stains.

4. Dry Flat
After washing dry your sweater flat. Stretch it out slightly and weigh down the edges if necessary. This is to maintain the shape. Never twist or rub the cashmere. If you need to remove excess water scrunch the sweater into a ball and squish it between your hands.

5. Rotate your sweaters
Give your jumpers a few days between each wear, excess wear will cause it too loose shape.

6. Learn to love cedar balls
Store all your knitwear with cedar balls  or lavander bags to minimize the risk of moth attacks. If you have been unlucky enough to find moth holes put your sweaters in the freezer for 48 hours. This will kill the moth eggs. After freezing wash the sweater.

7. Do away with damp
When storing your jumper away over summer, be sure that it is absolutely bone dry before stowing it away. Even the slightest dampness (a sweat patch for instance) will result in mold or mildew. Which will smell. Bad.